Principles of Modern Prophetism

Principles of Modern Prophetism (13)

 This category deepens the issues relating to Modern Prophetism "... when it manifests itself, it looks like the first time it revealed itself; it seems new, although it is very ancient and available to everyone."

Laughter and Smile – The only real Prayer

Friday, 29 September 2017 06:00 Written by
I have realized that nowadays we laugh and smile no more! And then I have asked myself the reason why. We are overwhelmed by facts, stressful conditions and existential issues. Those who are not affected by these problems and are not subjected to beliefs or the control of masses cannot help laughing. The whole existence is wonderful, and the only possible answer is laughter. The only real prayer, the only gratitude for being alive, is laughter. Leaving seriousness aside, we do not lose anything; actually we become healthier and gain a higher virtue. Conversely, if we give up laughter, we lose everything. Suddenly, the joy of our existence, the colours of our life and our vitality are all gone. We become monotonous and eventually die. In this case, our energy is no longer a vital flow. To understand it, regardless of your current state of existence, you must be happy, because you are alive and you can still change your life. You are overwhelmed by theories, concepts, notions, ideologies, theologies, philosophies, and you are not able to grasp the meaning…
If we want to improve mankind, we must give up judgments. We must help people become aware. We must give people awareness instead of a conscience. If someone tells you stupid ideas, then you will bring them along with you for the rest of your life. People should follow their awareness and reject any commandment or rule established by the others, otherwise they will act like slaves. This is the condition of mankind so far. Therefore, I am asking you to give up your conscience, this is the reason why all the religions can be an obstacle. Judges serve the society in which men have grown. As a consequence, there are as many judges as cultures, societies, religions and ideologies. Conversely, the witness is the same, there are no differences between a Christian, a Muslim or a Buddhist witness. There is only one witness. The witness is not the result of society: it is the awakening of your soul, it is awareness. As a witness, you must not condemn, blame or appreciate: you make no evaluation, you don’t say anything.…

Awareness - To Face Our True Identity

Thursday, 06 July 2017 06:00 Written by
Men are not fully aware: they think to be so to protect themselves. Men are ignorant, although they are convinced of their knowledge, and the claim of their alleged knowledge precisely feeds their ignorance. Furthermore, men are diametrically opposite to their expectations: the ability to recognise this aspect is the first step in starting a great revolution: the internal revolution! We need courage to face our true identity. Ideals may be appealing and gratifying, but ideals have just one purpose: hiding the reality. We keep on believing in great ideals, however we are moved not by the love for these ideas, but rather by the need to hide the cruel reality. Conversely, aware persons show a stronger and practical concern for real facts. Aware persons relate to the world without any division: interiority and exteriority are not separate. But this is precisely the effect of any kind of idealism: the separation of interiority from exteriority, reality from fantasy, the ban of genuineness and spontaneity and the rejection of one’s identity; idealists are dreamers! Dreaming is no evil, but now let's…

What Is Mythology

Friday, 13 January 2017 14:07 Written by
Facts represent Truth associated with awareness. However, there is also a blind Truth, with the eyes kept closed, without the mediation of intelligence, in a non-meditative way. This is precisely when truth is turned into facts. For example: if you meet Christ or Buddha and look at them with poor awareness, this event will be regarded as a simple historical fact. They were born on a precise day, and someday they will die. They are the body that you can see. They are provided with a peculiar personality. History can consider them; however, if you look at them with deep awareness, carefulness and silence, then the fact will disappear and the Truth will emerge. In this case, Christ and Buddha will be no more those persons born on a specific day, but were never born and will never die, since they represent the Whole; they are an emanation of the infinite, a gift made to the Earth by the after-world. Suddenly, the fact disappears and leaves space for Truth. However, history cannot consider this, because history consists of facts. There…

Canticle of Mary and the Prophets – The Divine Law

Saturday, 31 December 2016 14:45 Written by
I am not afraid to repeat the truth, which is as ancient as the mountains and, to this end, I quote Lao-Tze, the founder of philosophical Taoism. Lao-Tze stated that "the Tao, the divine law, is like an archer: it raises what is low and lowers what is high; conversely, the human law is quite the opposite: it increases the wealth of the rich and the poverty of the poor" (Lao-Tze.) Therefore, if we want to be sons of the Heaven, peaceful men or sons of God, we must adapt our thoughts, words and actions to the divine law, which is particularly hard in this world ruled by steadiness, stagnation and coding of impressive inequalities which are said to belong to the natural order of things. However, diseases also belong to the natural order of things, then why do we fight against them? Taoism enhances a concept closer to our culture; it combines with an infinite concept and is in turn emphasised by it resulting in a great light which provides strength and unity, strength and intelligence, i.e. the heart.…

The Power of Belief

Saturday, 31 December 2016 14:44 Written by
Some people cling so strongly to their beliefs that they cannot accept or share the ideas of the others. Now, let’s have a closer look at the power of belief, and its ability even to harm people. It is easy to prove that beliefs are almighty and lead to any kind of power. For example: armies are useless if soldiers do not firmly believe in the cause for which they are fighting, or, if mercenaries do not trust their commander to be victorious. Similarly, law is useless if people fail to comply with it. Religious beliefs often turned out to be more powerful than the State. Therefore, we can assume that beliefs are the crucial power underlying social relations. Beliefs are traditionally considered to originate in the mind, however, this refers exclusively to their recent origins: in fact, at a deeper level, there is always a power acting in the name of some doctrine. Today we tend to reject the ability of reason to influence our actions, yet, the scientific progress indicates quite the opposite. Scientists actually prove that a…

The Soul

Wednesday, 07 December 2016 20:31 Written by
All the religions, without any exception, believe that men have had a soul since their birth. Throughout the history of mankind, Giorgio Gurdjieff is the only one who has astonishingly said: "You don’t have any soul." The only one! Despite the various religions. Gurdjieff stands out from the crowd and claims that men have no soul; therefore, the place intended for the soul is actually empty. Anyhow, we may try to create it. Just like G. Gurdjieff, I know that we have come into this world with a soul, but the idea that men are born with a soul acts as a hindrance. It has let men fall into a deeper sleep: yes, you are born with a soul, God is within you, the kingdom of God is within you, what should you do now? Work hard to reach those things that are not within you, such as money, power and reputation; since no one says: "Every child is born with money (I am not referring to the money belonging to one’s parents or legacy!), every child is born with…

Needs and Wishes – How to Overcome the Malaise

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 06:00 Written by
"I, a Nobody, am talking to you!", Now the time has come to tell you why I declare myself a "Nobody." The desires are dreams, they are not real. You cannot achieve them but, at the same time, you cannot even suppress them, since only real things can come true or be repressed. Only needs can be met or restrained. Conversely, desires can be neither realised nor suppressed. This topic is very complex and deserves a special attention. Desires are dreams. As soon as you become aware of them, they disappear. There is no need to restrain them. Why should you do so? Do you want to become famous? This is a dream, a wish, since the body does not care about fame. In fact, the body is deeply affected by fame. It is restless, always worried and annoyed by the others, precisely as a result of fame. Voltaire thus wrote: "When I was not famous, I always prayed to God to become so, then I eventually reached my aim so I started to say «I cannot endure this! Please,…

Sin, Guilt or Disobedience

Saturday, 29 October 2016 15:22 Written by
When one comes to Sin, one must disturb the religion, because the "sin" is the only conscious and voluntary transgression of the Divine law, in everyday language we speak of guilt. In granting the Jewish Theological thinking, but also in the Muslim religion-Christian, sin is mainly in harmony with disobedience to the divine will, as from what is believed to be the cause of original sin, Adam disobedience; the Buddhist philosophy of life thinks in a completely different way, it draws its dogma from brahaminica philosophy and holds that man cannot escape the cycle of cause - effect law and makes no mention to the sin as thought by Catholic Christian religion. In the Jewish tradition, however, this act was not considered to be a “original” sin inherited by all descendants of Adam, but only such as the first sin, not necessarily working even in Adam's descendants. The common element is the idea that the disobedience to God's Commandments is sin itself, whatever the commandments themselves are; nor this may be surprising, if we bear in mind that, in the…

Animistic Nomadism

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 20:44 Written by
In this paragraph I shall talk about animist nomadism and its myths: over the course of history, it is rooted in the Period of Origins, when neither the State nor the Class Properties existed, while the Law of Life ruled over the world, intended as the Word which conveys the interests of the Weak, together with rationality, novelty and true spiritual paternity. "Spirituality" should not countervail the body and the matter; the concept of Spirit has been pathologically divulgated by the developing religions, however, we intend Spirit as a form of love for each kind of matter, for all the bodies even without blood ties, since they all share the same Cosmic Origin, they all belong to the same cosmic body. In this sense, within nomadic animism, hospitality is extremely important: any foreigner (without any blood tie) is sacred, the outcasts are gladly welcomed, because they are the "future God" which brings novelty and happiness (as evidenced by all the nomadic, Hellenic, Jewish and Native American traditions.)

The Victory of Prophetism

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 20:23 Written by
The Victory of Prophetism – The presence of the Great Light This website has been shaped like a magic object, like "Aladdin's lamp", similar to the work of an alchemist who - while changing the "matter" – transforms himself and the surrounding world, like a mirror reflecting himself in the world and a mirror reflecting the world inside him. It was actually fashioned like the work of a shaman, who uses wood to manufacture his amulet, his winning and living sword; the magic "Pinocchio." Similarly, the magic and powerful wand of Moses and Aaron was made; namely, we forge and create things starting from our thoughts and hands, using invisible hands, our shield and spear of sovereign power. This culminates with the creation, as shamans do, with "wood and clay" of a new creature, a renovated modern prophet, a creature of light, the "Mask", a synergy with your "Doppelgänger", a winning match against the powerful: this is the power of thoughts and words through the network, and is the winning match against the "Powerful" and the "Rulers", it is a…

Animism - Definition of Animism

Wednesday, 26 October 2016 20:11 Written by
Animism is a power of the soul, its effect on men is always positive, somehow divine. But what is soul? It is the spiritual component of men in contrast to their body; it has nothing to do with mind and intellect, or with heart and feelings, as the ancient animists and the modern psychology of the unconscious believe. The recognition of a living entity inside men able to survive after their death is a form of animism. All that is beautiful, magnanimous and altruistic comes neither from the cold reason, nor from the emotional heart, but rather from the soul. The belief in the existence of a human soul preceded the conviction in the existence of one or multiple gods. It is the animistic component of men which urges them to save the life of another man in peril at the expense of their own interest or life: reason immediately highlights fears or any possible danger and eventually withdraws, while the heart intervenes only if it is emotionally engaged. Now, if we go back to the soul, we shall realise…

The Forgiveness

Thursday, 06 October 2016 19:22 Written by
We were asked to clarify the concept of forgiveness. Forgive, does not mean forgetting, obliterate, means researching the true causes that have resulted in unfair malicious behavior, derive meaning, discover the objective, institutional, cultural, and correct it.. What should be done, what behavior? I repeat: to forgive does not mean forget, nor bless, does not mean obliterate, otherwise you put in a favorable condition for the harmful behavior of those who know, you ripetani more aggravated conditions. What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is a direct priestly act to the brothers and the "enemy" (part of ourselves) who want forgiveness and who must want, or that is in the position of not being able to harm, so that the act of forgiveness does not translate a mockery of the one who manifests it. All this also is the love towards the enemy, ie also understand his reasons. Try to persuade him to change course and not to rage on him once defeated. As you hear the one who forgives, it becomes better? Who forgives become judgmental authorities of who is forgiven. When…